Helping you respond to life’s challenges and fulfill your own unique purpose.

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Hypnosis Works services exist for the sole purpose of helping ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems to respond to life’s challenges with unwavering, courageous, self-directed determination.

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Expert online hypnosis assistance delivered to your door

Discover Online Hypnosis

Online hypnosis sessions available in the evening, weekend as well. This makes booking a session a breeze and removes the time and hassle that comes with traveling.

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Helping achieve your Soul Purpose

Discover Online Hypnosis

We’re about helping people return home – to who they already are – trusting in themselves and inner power, autonomous and free, connected with other human beings, nature and the universe and humbly accepting of life in its entirety.

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Discover the Benefits of Online Hypnosis Today
A form of hypnosis that is widely gaining massive popularity is online hypnosis. In short, online hypnosis sessions offer more choice, convenience, and less hassle.
Affordable and Convenient
Affordable online hypnosis charged at $100 per each 1.5 hours session. Available evenings/weekends to suit your busy lifestyle for maximum conveninece.
Pragmatic, Holisitic and Effective
Combining individual hypnotic techniques, integrated imagery, deep meditation, and reiki healing to help achieve your life goals and Soul Purpose.

Hypnosis Works Services

Luis Melendez Jr., Consulting Hypnotist, Lic (Acup), MScHons (Transpersonal Psychology)

We’re multi-dimensional beings. We’re physical. We occupy time and space. We think, learn and make sense of ourselves and the world around us. We feel, love, and aspire. Our past experiences, influences our present thoughts, which in turn, creates future possibilities. Sometimes, we can get stuck along the way, and lose confidence in our ability to act clearly and decisively. This is where Hypnosis Works comes in.

With Hypnosis Works, you can learn to change deep rooted thoughts, feelings, reactions, and perceptions, alleviate chronic or persistent pain (and by tapping into the very same reservoir of Being), learn to cultivate empathy, compassion, intuition including discovering the meaning & purpose of life.

We have the inner resources. Why not give Hypnosis Works a try today?

Hypnosis for Life Success

Simply put, hypnosis can be a very powerful tool for targeting the root cause of low self-esteem. It can help prevent those negative, overly critical thoughts from telling us how to feel about ourselves and empower us to rid ourselves of these negative thinking patterns.

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Most people think of hypnosis as entertainment instead of a technique used for medical purposes. Yet, hypnosis as a medical treatment is more credible than people realize; and can also be an effective pain management treatment for you.

Transpersonal Hypnosis

Transpersonal Hypnosis makes deliberate use of altered states of consciousness to enable people to access the many dimensions of the unconscious mind. One primary objective is to uncover and process the origins of the negative and positive dynamics which affect our daily lives, whether considered as karmic patterns or psychological complexes. From this perspective, illness is explored using a much broader psycho-spiritual framework, where its origin may stem from early childhood memories (biographical present life) or somewhere along the continuum of states of consciousness referred to as the ‘Energetic Chain of Experience’, – which includes the pre- and perinatal, perceived past life, afterlife, between life, before life and future life aspects of Being.

Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching

Mindfulness can increase your attention span and boost your resiliency. An increased attention span will cause better decision-making, improved agility, and make it easier to relate to new kinds of people. With increased resiliency, you will gain the ability to focus under pressure and control difficult emotions and stress. But the benefits of mindfulness goes beyond stress relief. Mindfulness can help you gain greater awareness of all aspects of your life, cultivate a dynamic life experience and conjure up the needed resilience to face whatever life throws at you. With mindfulness, you will learn to appreciate the simple details of everyday life and foster a joyful life.

Luis Melendez Jr., CH, Lic Acup, MSc

Training & Qualifications

Luis is Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and Certified Regression Hypnotist / Meditation Teacher with Atlantic University. He holds a Licentiate Diploma in Acupuncture from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and completed his MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies with the University of Northampton, United Kingdom. In the Fall of 2020, Luis was ordained as an Interfaith, Spiritualist Minister having completed his seminary training with Holistic Studies Institute in New York City.

Hypnosis Works NYC

Discover Online Hypnosis

Our work together begins with a free video consultation.  Hypnosis is a collaborative process where we together to help you achieve your goals. The consultation will allow me to learn more about you and your specific goals, explain the process of hypnosis, and determine how many sessions it will take to help you realize your goals.

Step 1:

Schedule your Free Consultation

Please contact us by filling out our easy online form. Your privacy is important to us and your information will remain confidential.

Step 2:

We discuss it and create a plan

The exact number of sessions depends on several factors, including the type of problem or symptom for which you are seeking help, your personality and natural responsiveness, and the style of hypnosis used. During the first session, a treatment plan is discussed that includes the number of sessions anticipated.

Step 3:

Schedule Online Hypnosis session using Zoom

Hypnosis is your mind’s natural learning state, so you can enter the state anywhere. In fact, it’s often easier to enter the state in a familiar environment such as your home. All you need is a comfortable chair, couch or bed, and of course, smartphone or computer with internet access for the full duration of the session.

Helping ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems

SMOKING (Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vaporizers and nicotine supplements), WEIGHT, EATING, AND FITNESS (Weight loss, healthy eating, snacking, emotional eating, fitness and exercise motivation), FEARS AND ANXIETIES (Stress, performance anxiety, fear of public speaking, driving, failure), MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL STATES (Racing thougts, mental preoccupation, mental clarity, peace of mind, restful sleep, cultivating positive attitude, emotion control), PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT (Academic performance, study skills,  memory retention, procrastination), INTIMACY/SEXUALITY and SPIRITUALITY.

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Luis is very gentle and made me feel relaxed and at ease straight away. A few of the sessions were completed remotely and I had doubted if this would work but wow, if anything the content was greater and some of the visions and information blew me away.
Diane Lytollis