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Hypnosis has the power to act on the subconscious mind, it can change the way you think for the better. Perfectly natural and effective, Hypnosis can help you increase self-esteem, improve concentration, unleash creativity and reveal your Soul Purpose.

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Affordable Pricing

Free Consultation

Hypnosis Works services are provided for a flat fee of $100 per hour (plus room hire fee between $20-30 where applicable). Sessions are also available using SKYPE or Zoom video conference for clients living outside of New York or who are unable or prefer not having to travel.

Free Consultation

Helping achieve your Soul Purpose

Free Consultation

We combine individual hypnotic techniques, integrated imagery, deep meditation, reiki healing and spiritual (intuitive) counseling to help you achieve your Soul Purpose.

Free Consultation
Harness the Powers of the Mind
Hypnosis is an effective way to increase self-esteem, boost self-confidence, increase your belief in yourself and reduce feelings of worry
Affordable Pricing
Hypnosis Works services are provided for a flat fee of $100 per hour (plus room hire fees between $20-30) where applicable.
Spiritual first approach
Combining individual hypnotic techniques, integrated imagery, deep meditation, reiki healing and spiritual (intuitive) counseling to help you achieve your Soul Purpose.

Hypnosis Works Services

Luis Melendez Jr., Certified Hypnotist, Lic (Acup), MScHons (Transpersonal Psychology)

As a Consulting Hypnotist and Spiritual Regression Therapist, Luis helps ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems. He combines individual hypnotic techniques, integrated imagery, deep meditation, reiki healing and spiritual (intuitive) counseling to help you achieve your goals and Soul Purpose.

Integrated Imagery: Regression Hypnosis

Integrated Imagery is a psycho-spiritual experiential technique that makes deliberate use of altered states of consciousness to enable people to access the many dimensions of the unconscious mind.  One primary objective of Integrated Imagery is to uncover and process the origins of the negative and positive dynamics which affect our daily lives, whether considered as karmic patterns or psychological complexes.

Hypnosis for Confidence and Life Success

Simply put, hypnosis can be a very powerful tool for targeting the root cause of low self-esteem. It can help prevent those negative, overly critical thoughts from telling us how to feel about ourselves and empower us to rid ourselves of these negative thinking patterns.

Addiction Recovery Hypnosis

Overcoming addiction can prove an enormous challenge and one that takes a lot out of a person. People have to safeguard against their urges constantly, and are incredibly challenged lacking the necessary inner-strength and willpower. However, many people are turning to hypnotherapy in their fight against the rigors of addiction.

Pain Management Hypnosis

There is growing evidence and established research to suggest that hypnosis has a greater influence on the effects of pain rather than the sensation of pain and can enhance the efficacy of other well-established treatments for pain.

Luis Melendez Jr., CH, Lic Acup, MSc

About Luis

Luis is an American citizen originally from New York City whose personal journey into mind-body exploration began in 2001 when he experienced spiritual healing for the first-time whilst living overseas in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. The experience, which on the surface was very unassuming in terms of setting and administration, proved transformative resulting in the life-long pursuit of Self-knowledge.

Services Offered

• Integrated Imagery: Regression Hypnosis
Traditional Hypnosis
Meditation & Self Hypnosis Training
Reiki Healing
Spiritual (Intuitive) Counseling

Training & Qualifications

Luis is Certified Consultant Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and Certified Regression Hypnotist by Atlantic University. He holds a Licentiate Diploma in Acupuncture from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and completed his MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies with the University of Northampton, United Kingdom. In the Fall of 2019, Luis is set to complete his seminary training with the Holistic Studies Institute (Spiritualist Minister – Ordination pending) and begin the Clinical Pastoral Education program with Calvary Hospital in New York City.


Simple Process

How Does it Work?

Because hypnosis is not a “one-size fits all,” our work together begins with a free phone consultation.  Hypnosis is a collaborative process where we together to help you achieve your goals. The consultation will allow me to learn more about you and your specific goals, explain the process of hypnosis, and determine how many sessions it will take to help you realize your goals.

Step 1:

Schedule your Free Consultation

Please contact us at (516) 271-2071 or by filling out our easy online form. Your privacy is important to us and your information will remain confidential.

Step 2:

We discuss it and create a plan

The exact number of sessions depends on several factors, including the type of problem or symptom for which you are seeking help, your personality and natural responsiveness, and the style of hypnosis used. During the first session, a treatment plan is discussed that includes the number of sessions anticipated.

Questions clients ask

Frequent Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Hypnosis:

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness where incredible changes can be made in the way a person thinks and feels. Hypnosis is a completely natural path from conscious mind to subconscious mind. It is defined as the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

What can hypnosis be used for?

The real question is what can’t hypnosis be used for. Basically, Hypnosis can be used for anything a person can imagine. Losing weight and quitting bad habits are the most commonly known requests. Research has shown it helpful in confidence, insomnia, stress, hypertension, test taking anxiety, sports improvement, phobias, recovery from trauma, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, pain and more.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Have you ever gotten lost watching a good movie or reading a good book? Hypnosis feels like that most of the time. You lose track of time. You become fully absorbed in the reality of the plot or story. Most people find Hypnosis to be a wonderful experience. Furthermore you must also realize that when hypnotized, you do not black out. You actually hear and see everything very clearly.

Can a person be stuck in hypnosis?

Never! Can you get stuck in the reality of a book? The worst case scenario is that you fall asleep and then wake up later. If you are thinking, what if I were to be hypnotized and something were to happen to the hypnotist and I were left alone, still hypnotized?. You would just snap right out of hypnosis whenever you were ready. When you are in a state of hypnosis, anything alarming or of importance would pop you right out of this state. There is absolutely no danger to you in a state of hypnosis.

How does hypnosis work?

It relaxes the conscious mind and opens the subconscious mind to the point that suggestions can be accepted. Once the suggestion is accepted and agreed on by the hypnotized person the suggestion then becomes an automatic, stable and strong resource in that persons belief system.

Who can be hypnotized?

Almost everyone! If you can use your imagination you can be hypnotized. Some people tend to go into very deep trances while others only experience light trances, and most people go into medium trances. The good news is that you only need a light to medium trance for most hypnotherapy work.

Can a person in hypnosis be controlled?

Absolutely not! The only time it looks like that is in stage hypnosis, where the hypnotist asks for volunteers out of the crowd. These are people who want to act like they do on stage. Clinical hypnosis is quite different. A hypnotherapist is there to help you with your issues and needs your cooperation with the process. If the hypnotherapist were to give you suggestions that you didn’t agree with or were morally against your beliefs, you would either refuse them or you would stand right up and walk out of that session.

How long do the results of the session last?

When you go into a hypnosis session and get the results you want, those results are with you for life. The more you use hypnosis the more profound the results become.

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Everyone can benefit from hypnosis. If you need to overcome a habit or phobia, reduce anxiety, or perform at your best, hypnosis can help you achieve your ideal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.