Can hypnosis improve sports performance?

Can hypnosis improve sports performance?

In sports history, optimal athletic performance has been achieved through training. But at the same time, sports performance depends on your mental focus. In fact, the best athletes report they perform at their best when they access a resourceful state of mind. Usually, pro athletes refer to this phenomenon as “being in the zone.”

Luckily, hypnosis can harmonize thoughts and emotions. So, hypnotism makes use of strategies that elicit such a positive mental state. On top of that, hypnotic instructions can boost your mood before a match or sports event. You can even think of guided imagery as a form of mental training. But for anyone who has no ideas of how hypnosis works, here is the gist of the whole process behind the hypnotic approach for improving overall performance.

Mental preparation in sports

Sport champions can have contrasting approaches to mental preparation. During a TED Talk, Dr. Martin Hagger said: “Clearly, an athlete has to be motivated. Often, the goals that an athlete sets demonstrate how much effort and how much will to win they have. But sometimes, motivation is not enough. An athlete needs to be confident.”

Confidence is a key factor that allows for better sports performance. But to build your self-confidence, you need to deal with the fears and doubts in your mind. That is why rehearsing the routine in your mind is crucial. In essence, you anticipate potential issues to pave the way for better performance.

Concentration occurs when no distractions perturb you. For example, a baseball player may imagine time slowing down when the pitcher throws the ball. Sometimes, runners say that the jolts of pain turn into energy thanks to their imagination. Instead, golf players use all sorts of mental strategies to quiet their minds before the drive.

What is hypnosis?

The term hypnosis refers to a positive mental state. Usually, it is a relaxed state of mind. But in reality, it can refer to any state of trance where control over your mind and body is at its peak.

Human consciousness heightens while deep breathing energizes your body more and more. In general, everyone can reach such a high level of focus. In fact, most people already use it for enhanced sports performance or meditation.

Hypnotism is a practice that helps people drift into hypnosis. To specify, you can hypnotize yourself on your own. Whether you need a hypnotist or not can depend on several factors. For example, a lack of know-how or strategies for specific results.

Hypnotists are like coaches. But they help you train your mind. Unlike karate masters, they do not focus on the physical aspect of your character. But they can teach you how to leverage the power of hypnosis during your karate lessons.

For sports enthusiasts, enjoying hypnosis is almost an unfair advantage over the competition. Mainly because it helps you relieve stress and negative emotions by using guided imagery.

The holistic approach to enhanced sports performance

The mix of hypnosis and physical exercise promotes better sports performance. Plus, hypnotism can open the way to other benefits. For example, peace of mind and better recovery during off days.

Integrating hypnotic sessions into your training regimen is easy. Usually, the hypnotist conducts a pre-talk with any new client. During the chat, you might end up talking about several goals and topics, such as:

  • career planning
  • spiritual beliefs
  • boredom and lack of motivation
  • unpleasant experiences

By knowing your values, the hypnotist can tailor the hypnotic session to your needs. But you will never have to reveal something that you are not willing to share.

Some athletes may link the results of the sessions to improved happiness or clarity. But a dart player might only be keen to increase the dart-throwing accuracy. The good news is there are no right or wrong goals. Until the desired result is met, the hypnotist just teaches you new strategies.

How athletes can benefit from hypnosis

One of the perks of using hypnosis is low levels of stress. With this in mind, you can hone your skills faster. While recovering from injuries, guided imagery can strengthen your attention and concentration.

Hypnosis can impact how much will and drive an athlete has. For example, goal setting can improve a tennis player’s motivation. But it can also take a gymnast beyond the goal of winning a medal. Thus unlocking the true potential in young athletes.

Most times, sports performance drops as other issues present themselves. The positive hypnotic suggestions can form a resilient mental barrier. No matter what, the positive effects will boost your mood. They will remind you of your potential to achieve what before was deemed impossible.

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