Migraine Management With Hypnosis

Migraine Management With Hypnosis

How can hypnosis help migraine sufferers?

Migraine headaches are the second most common type of primary headache. This means the headache itself is the problem as there is no direct cause for it. According to research, there might be issues at the cellular electrical level. Maybe, the functioning of the nerves or the nervous system is compromised. But in any case, the sufferers endure torment and feel physical pain with little help from standard treatments. Hypnotism offers an alternative way to manage pain.

For one thing, hypnosis reduces rebound headaches. Using medications can help you mask the pain. And with self-hypnosis, you may reduce the use of painkillers. In this way, you avoid the onset of medication overuse headaches.

Hypnotism and the underlying causes of migraine and chronic migraine in adults and children

Over 1 billion worldwide suffer from migraines, including children. By far, migraine is one of the biggest health issues for which there is no cure yet. Plus, a small percentage of migraine sufferers develop chronic, severe headaches.

The course of migraine can vary over your lifetime. Usually, it emerges in puberty. But there is a lot of individual variability. So, here is a list of the psychosocial stressors that hypnosis can mitigate:

  • bad habits that may interfere with your diet, health, and well-being
  • changes in your schedule, which may lead to stress and trigger pain in the brain
  • harmful beliefs that may influence your triggers
  • negative self-talk, which leads to worry and emotional distress
  • unhealthy lifestyle without clear goals and safe routines for everyday chores
  • warnings and signs that may precede the headache by about 24 hours

Why is hypnosis a beneficial tool for migraineurs?

Every migraineur has his or her individual triggers. But all migraineurs react to change. To be precise, the main issue is the stress related to a change. Usually, the trigger is something that differs from the routine and causes physical or emotional stress.

Hypnosis for the relief and control of pain works by helping the sufferer manage stress and pain. In detail, accessing the self-hypnotic state lets you be more aware of your thought, sensations, and emotions. So, with the appropriate hypnotic technique, you can calm your mind, relax, focus your attention, and deal with the issue at hand.

As the chemicals in medications do not fix the cause of the headache, you can use hypnosis to regain a positive mental attitude. For example, the hypnotist can teach you self-help techniques while you are in a trance state. Perhaps, to help you stick to a recommended nutritional protocol that  may decrease your triggers.

Hypnosis for migraines in children and teenagers

Hypnosis relies on the power of imagination. So, it is the ideal solution for children who might not want to take medicines. Besides, telling a teenager that he or she has to have a regular, boring life to control the migraines is hard. Even in this case, hypnotism offers simple techniques to help the teenager retrieve a sense of self-control. A power, if you will, over the many changes that a teenager must face.

Learning self-hypnosis is an easy process. Through positive suggestions, children can increase the threshold to having a migraine or control pain. Teenagers can find new ways to handle or get rid of unpleasant sensations and memories to heal emotionally.

Both children and teenagers are resilient by nature. In a sense, hypnosis builds on their disposition. Mainly to give them more control over their thoughts, feeling, beliefs, and behavior.

Self-hypnosis training for migraines

Self-hypnosis is another tool you can use anytime to drift off into a peaceful mental state. Thanks to the hypnotist’s aid, you can learn to hypnotize yourself at will. This means that anyone can enter the self-hypnotic state whenever the first signs of pain appear.

During an attack, the pain can affect your production and understanding of speech. Self-hypnosis helps you manage pain until you regain control. Also, you might experience neck stiffness, fatigue, and other issues that hypnosis can relieve as well.

Online hypnotic sessions to reduce headache symptoms

Migraine headaches can start shortly after premonitory symptoms. At times, you may have less than 30 minutes to prepare. So, you might want to use hypnosis as soon as possible.

Online hypnosis is the quickest way to contact a hypnotist. Above all, it is the safest method to manage migraine pain until you learn self-hypnotic techniques. Plus, online hypnosis is effective in reducing migraine duration and headache symptoms.

With a few online sessions, you can learn self-hypnosis as well. You will learn to focus your attention and relax at will. Then, the hypnotist will teach you a tailor-made technique to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. Soon, you might reclaim your life back and get back to doing what you love and what makes you happy.

Online Hypnosis for Migraine Pain Management: Affordable, Effective and Digitally Optimised to meet the demands for the Modern Era using Zoom and SKYPE technologies.

Hypnosis is a medically and scientifically recognized technique that uses the mind’s natural abilities to effectively reduce physical pain and promote wellbeing. Learn how it can help you.

Legal Disclaimer

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